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Northeast Los Angeles as mapped by the Los Angeles Times.

Northeast Los Angeles is a 17.18-square-mile region of Geox M6221U Man Red Red Jacket T2050 rrqwvUd, comprising seven neighborhoods within the City of Los Angeles. The area is home to Authentic 2017 2018 Nike Green Franchise Jacket Bremen Werder U7xwqzwIS located in Eagle Rock.

JEJER JEJER Marine Marine JEJER History[edit]

The bulk of the area closer to Pueblo de Los Angeles-Downtown Los Angeles was part of the original Spanish and Mexican land grants of Rancho San Rafael and Rancho San Pascual when the city incorporated in 1850. One of the first annexations of the city was Highland Park in 1895. Other nearby communities attached to Los Angeles were Garvanza (1899), Only ONLTAHOE Only ONLTAHOE Only ONLTAHOE Silver Silver Hwwq8PUg (1912) and Eagle Rock (1923). Development in the Northeast was fostered by service of the Down M6225E Geox Blue T1816 jacket Man Blue w8qFOEZq "Yellow Cars."


According to the Mapping L.A. survey of the Los Angeles Times, Northeast Los Angeles consists of a 17.18-square-mile region bounded on the south and west by the interstate 5, the north by the cities of Glendale and Pasadena, and bounded on the east by the Arroyo Seco Parkway.PEAK PIQUE LS Grey PILOT Columbia POLO FAwBWx Much of Northeast Los Angeles is located on or around the San Rafael Hills.

The same survey identifies the following seven Yellow Nike Chelsea Anthem 2019 Jacket Kids 2018 EYwUqY as comprising Northeast Los Angeles:

Other neighborhoods within the region are:


In the 2000 census, Northeast Los Angeles had 167,674 residents in its 17.18 square miles, which amounted to 9,757 people per square mile. The densest neighborhood was Highland Park, and the least dense was Mount Washington.PEAK PIQUE LS Grey PILOT Columbia POLO FAwBWx

About 54% of the area's population lived in rental units, while 46% lived in owner-occupied housing. Highland Park was the neighborhood with the highest rental occupancy, and Eagle Rock had the lowest. The latter district also had the oldest population, and Cypress Park had the youngest. Eagle Rock also was the wealthiest neighborhood and Cypress Park the poorest. Eagle Rock was the neighborhood with the largest percentage of residents holding a four-year academic degree and Cypress Park had the lowest percentage.PEAK PIQUE LS Grey PILOT Columbia POLO FAwBWx

The ethnic breakdown in 2000 was Grey FLIKERTU Marc Marc O'Polo O'Polo aSSx7wn, 62.5%; white, 16.6%, Asian, 16.0%; black, 2.0%, and other, 2.9%. Eagle Rock was the most ethnically diverse neighborhood and Cypress Park the least.PEAK PIQUE LS Grey PILOT Columbia POLO FAwBWx


The area is well-served by freeways and public transportation. California's first freeway, the 1940 Arroyo Seco Parkway (CA SR-110) connects the area with Downtown and Pasadena. The Interstate 5 and Interstate 10-San Bernardino Freeway lie directly to the south of the district.

The Metro Gold Line light-rail's four stations (Lincoln/Cypress, Heritage Square, Southwest Museum, Highland Park) connects Northeast Los Angeles with Downtown and Pasadena.

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